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Churches & Schools

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Project Description

Drain Away Powerwashing have much experience in the exterior power washing of Churches and School buildings.

The professional cleaning of any church is possibly the most noticeable work that can be done to the exterior of the building. We carry out work to the highest standard and work with input of any conservational architects and engineers, where required, during the duration of the work.

In preparation of repainting our cleaning process removes all algae, moss, dirt, grime and flaky, or loose paint, restoring the wall to an ideal condition for painting to be carried out. This process or preparation increases the lifespan of your new coat of paint and saves money over the long term.

Over the years many schools often find that their playgrounds become dangerous as a rusting build up of slippery moss and muck. Our power washing service can restore any play areas to a much cleaner, safer and friendly place.

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